Maine Rent Increase Laws
Quick Facts Answer
Reason Needed No
Max / Limit None
Notice Requirement 30 or 45 Days

Does Maine Have Rent Control?

Maine does not have statewide rent control laws limiting the amount that landlords may ask for rent, but state law allows local governments to establish their own rent control laws, like in Portland.

How Much Can a Landlord Raise Rent By in Maine?

By state law, landlords in Maine can raise the rent by any amount and for any reason as long as they give proper notice, don’t do so during the fixed term of a lease, and aren’t doing so for certain discriminatory reasons. However, state law allows local governments to regulate rent increases, like in Portland.

Portland law limits annual rent increases to a percentage of the rate of inflation in the Boston area. For 2023, the maximum rent increase on existing tenants is 7%. However, landlords can exceed the limit by applying to the Rent Board or carrying over their rent increase allowance from a previous year.

However, accessory units and owner-occupied buildings with four or fewer rental units are exempt from Portland’s rent control laws.

When Can a Landlord Raise Rent in Maine?

In Maine, landlords can raise the rent for any reason as long as it is not discriminatory in nature and proper notice is given.


Maine state law requires that rent increases on mobile homes be applied uniformly to all tenants unless the rent increase is approved by the majority vote of a resident-owned cooperative.

When Can’t a Landlord Raise Rent in Maine?

In Maine, landlords cannot raise the rent during the middle of a lease’s fixed term, for certain discriminatory reasons (like race or gender), or if the rental unit violates the warranty of habitability (unless the condition was caused by the tenant).

The Federal Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination due to:

  • Race or color
  • Gender (including gender identity)
  • Sexual orientation
  • Religion
  • Nationality or origin
  • Familial status
  • Disability

In addition to the federal protections, Maine state law prohibits discrimination in housing because a tenant receives government assistance of any kind.

How Much Notice is Needed to Raise Rent in Maine?

In Maine, landlords cannot raise the rent during a lease term and must give 45 days’ notice to increase the rent, except landlords must give 30 days’ notice to mobile home tenants.  However, local governments can enact different rules, like in Portland.

Portland landlords must give 90 days’ notice to increase the rent.

How Often Can Rent Be Increased in Maine?

By state law, landlords in Maine can increase the rent as often as they choose as long as they provide sufficient notice each time. However, cities and towns may enact stricter rules. For example, landlords in Portland must wait 12 months between rent increases.