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Personal Experiance

After working / owner of MJS Home Repairs for over 20 years it amazed me to get call after call from Property Management and Maintenance companies asking us to do jobs for them.  Why?

Come to find out after we completed a job they would add 20 – 45% to the property owner for their commission and 90% of these companies were from Texas, India, Ohio and never have even  seen the property they were ” In charge of” …

As Multi Property owners ourselves, my wife and I just couldn’t understand how can a company provide a service to Maine Property Owners and not live in the State, Never seen any of the properties and calling us and stating ” They” did the work?  How are they managing this?

So as Rumford Maine Property Owners, My wife and I decided to combine our two companies MJS Home Repairs and Extreme Cleaning and offer the BEST Property Management and Property Maintenance services for the Great Mountain Valley Areas.

We Live here ! We want our area to succeed, and we want yours too as well!

Areas of Expertise

MJS Home Repairs

Successfully serving Maine homeowners for over 20 years!

Section 8 Qualifications for Legal Presence and Residency

Working with Section 8 inspectors and supervisors / U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to meet all city and state requirements for rental properties.

Passaic County Technical-Vocational Wayne, NJ

Plumbing – Electrical – Carpentry

4,000 hours of service as a journeyman electrician

12,000 hours of experience in electrical installations.

Southern Maine Vocational Technical Institute

Licensing .

Upper Management


Maine Electrician Exam

Plumbing 90%
Renovation 100%
Household Repair 100%
Electrical 100%

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