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Security Systems & Monitoring by MJS

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Security Systems for Insurance, security and liability on your rental and commercial properties.
(Great on roofs, basements and problem areas)
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Night Owl® is the #1 Wired Security Brand* in the United States. Our passion lies in manufacturing advanced private and secure video Security Systems that monitor your property, day or night in High-Definition (HD) resolution. Night Owl also protects your privacy by putting you in complete control of recorded footage. Night Owl’s innovative home and business video security technology is turnkey, affordable, and does not require a mandatory monthly subscription fee or long-term contract.

Night Owl® Network Video Recorder with Wi-Fi IP 4K HD Spotlight Cameras and Pre-Installed Hard Drive
Security Systems


Security Systems                                Security Systems









2-Way Audio (Listen & Talk)                                                 Preset Voice Alerts with Built-In Camera Siren

When used with our free app, you will be able to hear what’s happening and speak through your cameras in real time with your Security Systems

  • Use the app to hear and talk with someone on your property
  • Record audio, with video, when an event occurs
  • Audio is clear and static free Security Systems

Your cameras have a built-in speaker, which can be used with our preset voice alerts and siren to quickly alert an intruder or guest that they are being recorded. You can set the speaker to activate when human motion is detected or manually activate it whenever you choose, from wherever you are located.

  • Option 1 – Preset Voice Alerts: Send a preset voice alert to the camera to notify an intruder or guest that you have seen them, even if you are miles away
  • Option 2 – Built-In Camera Siren: Ward off trespassers before a potential break in at your home or office with our loud siren, no matter where you are


Security Systems

Built-In Dual Spotlights

Your Wi-Fi IP Security Systems cameras include built-in dual spotlights which turn on when a human, face or vehicle is detected to deter burglars and vandals.

  • Spotlights power on automatically when human motion is detected
  • Bright lights illuminate the area which startles trespassers
  • At night, the cameras will record in full-color (with available ambient light) or switch to black and white Night Vision with up to 100 ft. of visibility
  • Weather-Resistant Cameras

    Your cameras come with indoor / outdoor housing, which means you can safely monitor inside and outside your home or business.

    • Cameras can withstand minimal moisture and dirt debris, while providing the coverage you need
    • Durable, weather-resistant construction ensures long-lasting use (placing the camera under an eave, for outdoor usage, is recommended)
Security Systems

Pre-Installed Storage with No Monthly Fees Security Systems 

You own your recordings and can access them anytime. There are no mandatory cloud, subscriptions, or storage fees. All recordings are securely stored on a pre-installed hard disk drive (size varies by model).

  • Easily access and playback your recordings locally from a TV or monitor
  • Important recordings can be transferred to a flash drive or external HDD for long-term storage
  • With Internet, you can playback, save and share recordings right from the app on your Smart Device
  • Cameras have a microSD card slot for backup Image Capture (microSD card sold separately)
Security Systems

Smart Detection Technology

Instantly receive Human Detection, Facial Capture and Vehicle Alerts to your mobile device so you can better distinguish criminal activity from normal occurrences while saving hard drive space.

  • Record and flag events for quick and easy access
  • Quickly determine if you see someone familiar or not with our Facial Capture Alerts
  • Easily search your recordings by filtering to find what, when and where an event occurred.

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