Pricing MJS Property Management

Pricing – Work with a property team that gets great results !

Our Pricing is simple. Free up your time and let us do the majority of the work! We offer a collaborative model that increases revenue, decreases costs, and provides for a better tenant and property owner experience. Our price is 125.00 per month per unit for five units or more. 145.00 per unit for under five units.

We include:

  • Manage and oversee operations, maintenance, administration, and improvements of the rental units;
  • Inspect grounds, facilities, and equipment routinely to determine the necessity of repairs or maintenance;
  • Perform general building and apartment inspections annually, per Maine State Law;
  • Provide inspection reports to the Property Owner;
  • Act as liaison between tenants and owners;
  • Market vacant units to prospective tenants through multiple advertising website platforms;
  • Process telephone inquiries, screen and qualify potential tenants by obtaining a full rental application, income, and employment verification, to include an analysis of the credit report to obtain a debt to income ratio for affordability purposes, prior landlord reference checks, social media checks, and more;
  • Meet with prospective tenants to show unit;
  • Full execution of the rental agreement and the related State of Maine required disclosures to accompany a walk through inspection report at the time of move-in;
  • Eviction Process – (Forcible Entry Detainer (FED)
  • Monthly rent and security deposit collection;
  • Prepare final dispositions of security deposits;
  • Coordinate repairs and maintenance requests;
  • Expert advice when evaluating the property for increased profitability;
  • Collect property expenditures if necessary. Distribute the owner’s proceeds accordingly;
  • 24 Hour Emergency Services that NO ONE else can offer to you.
  • Monthly / bi-monthly property inspections emailed to you, Click to view sample report
  • Other fees apply, please call for details.

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