Electrical Services

Electrical Services – When it comes to Electrical Services, no one can execute quite like MJS Property Maintenance. For more than 20 years, we’ve been providing the highest-quality electrical infrastructure solutions, power and lighting distribution services possible. From working with large commercial and industrial facilities to unique properties like airports, sports venues, and theme parks, MJS Property Maintenance Electric Services knows what it takes to provide reliable, dependable full-service electrical solutions that allow your business to serve customers at full power.

Electrical Services

From installing full-scale electrical infrastructure in new builds and renovations to powering wide-area lighting systems such as parking lots, streetscapes, garages, or sports venues, MJS Property Maintenance ensures that your electrical system is always ready to provide your business with reliable energy and lighting sources. As leaders in AC and DC power distribution systems, MJS Property Maintenance can install lighting and lighting control systems, lightning protection systems, emergency standby systems powered by generators, uninterrupted power supply (UPS), and fuel cell battery systems that never leaves your business in the dark.

At MJS Property Maintenance , we know your power needs don’t end when you flip the switch to turn on your new electrical system. You need continued Facility Services and Maintenance to keep your business up-and-running. MJS Property Maintenance is here to provide the support you need for ongoing, emergency, and preventative electrical services 24/7, 365. We’re proud to say that customers who come to us for Electrical Services often stay with us for continued Facility Service and Maintenance. Our unparalleled service, quick response time, and reliable work-product has led us to service relationships that last decades. In our 20 years, customers that come to MJS Property Maintenance rarely leave MJS Property Maintenance.

The MJS Property Maintenance Facility Services and Maintenance team can serve facilities in a variety of capacities. We have options to augment your internal team to get the specific service support you need. Our team of experienced, technicians can handle the entire scope of work to support your existing team. Options include:

  • On-site: We provide a team to work on your property full or part time.
  • On-call: Submit a work order, and our team will be there to assist ASAP.
  • Call center: Request a service tech to investigate and quickly resolve emergency situations.
  • Preventive service: Find problems before they surface with thermography services that use infrared scans to find hot spots that will lead to future problems.